Boundary; edge; frontier; horizon; margin; outline; radius; verge; borderline. A 'line' between two 'worlds' that divides the two, but that also can be crossed. This crossing a border is the act of transgressing.
A border can be physical: as in a land border. This is shown on a map as a line or is visible in a field as a wall or a fence. A border can be ethical: the line between 'good' and 'bad'.
A border always seems to require 3 units: 1. One side, 2. The boundary, and 3. The other side. The border is an in between. If there where no borders there wouldn’t be worlds. By creating borders we create worlds and bipolarity.
I look at the skin as a border; the border between an inside- and outside world, between life and death, between private and public, between appealing and repulsive...

Questions that I raise myself are: How does the skin as a border function? How can I transgress the skin border? And how will it effect me if I do that?

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