I'm trying to catch existence in a diagram, to make this complex concept understandable. But every time I think I have almost caught it, it slips through my fingers...

Roland Barthes talks about the figure in his 'lovers discourse'. "Figures take shape insofar as we can recognize, in passing discourse, something that has been read, heard, felt.
The figure is outlined (like a sign) and memorable (like an image or a tale). A figure is established if at least someone can say: "That's so true! I recognize that scene of language."

Barthes compares a figure as a scheme or numbers in a diagram with the figure as a bodily movement.
What will happen if I compare my existence-diagram with a bodily movement? Creating a figure of life. Would I be able to understand existence better if I focus more on the bodily movement instead of the theory in the diagram?

Figure as a person: he is a public figure.

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